Wedge Analyzer

For more than 35 years, Cleveland Golf has been committed to creating innovative short game tools designed to help you score better and enjoy the game. This commitment has led to several breakthroughs in wedge innovation, including our latest- The Wedge Analyzer. In as little as two swings you can now get accurately fit into the proper wedge bounce or sole grind. Experience the Wedge Analyzer today!

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Wedge Analyzer FAQ's

How does the Wedge Analyzer work?
The Wedge Analyzer measures almost every aspect of the golfers swing using a Swingbyte 2 sensor.  Based on key metrics such as attack angle and shaft lean at impact, it recommends the optimal bounce and sole grind configuration for various turf conditions.


How is this different from a launch monitor?
A launch monitor measures the ball, while the Wedge Analyzer measures the club.  To recommend the proper bounce and sole grind, you need to know how the club is being delivered into the ball so you must measure the club path and angles.


Does the Wedge Analyzer work off a mat and grass?
Yes.  Because the Wedge Analyzer measures the delivery of the wedge right at impact (before it interacts with the ground), it can be used indoors or outdoors from any turf conditions.

How do I know if I should get fit for my wedges?
Roughly 65% of your shots are played within 125 yds of the green.  Wedge are the key clubs that help save pars and make birdies.  As a result, we recommend all golfers should be fit to ensure they are carrying the proper model, lofts, shaft, bounce, grind, etc for maximizing scoring.


Where can I get fit using the Wedge Analyzer?
Please visit our Wedge Analyzer dealer list here. You can also schedule an appointment with the Cleveland Golf Fitting Studio at our US headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA.